2. Mario Wagner’s ”Glow” series from his solo show with us this past April.

    For more a more in depth look at Mario’s show, visit our Flickr page.

    (Source: hashimotocontemporary)

  3. REgret and REmorse by Jason Seife 

    Both paintings were a part of our showcase at ArtMRKT San Francisco this past May. 

  4. GATS X Jessica Hess

    For an in depth look at their collaborative show, visit our site here. 

    (Source: hashimotocontemporary)

  5. Here’s a short video of our current show on display, titled “Lore.”

    The show features the stunning work of Karla Ortiz, Sam Wolfe Connelly and Nimit Malavia. 

    (Source: hashimotocontemporary)

  6. Scott Hove's customized and fully functional coin-operated carnival ride, known as “Ride the Slayer.”

    The ride was featured in his recent solo show, “Master of Rapacity”, this past June at our San Francisco gallery space. 

    To view more from this show, please visit our website.

    (Source: hashimotocontemporary)

  7. New work from Crystal Wagner:

    "Currently working on three new terrariums, "Hyperbolic I, II, III" for the upcoming International Paper Exhibition, "Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction" at the Joseloff Gallery, Hartford CT."

  8. Gallery artist Brett Amory, currently at his residency at the 32 International Symposium Baie-St-Paul, Quebec.

    Artist Tumblr.

  9. Joel Daniel Phillips finishing up a piece for his upcoming solo show with us this September, titled “I am another yourself”

  10. Erik Jones: “City Searching”

    colored pencil, acrylic, wax pastel and oil

    48” x 48”

    Gallery website here.

    Artist website here.