1. Dutch collage artist Handiedan was one of our very first exhibits way back in 2011. Since then, her career has skyrocketed and it’s been so great to see her grow. We’ve got some plans for Handiedan this year, stay tuned for special events in New York City and Miami!

  2. sfartenthusiast:

    Joel Daniel Phillips
    I Am Another Yourself at hashimotocontemporary
    Through September 27th

    "Hashimoto Contemporary is proud to present I Am Another Yourself, the debut solo show by represented gallery artist Joel Daniel Phillips. Featuring a range of new charcoal and graphite portraits, this month’s exhibit sheds light on those who are frequently overlooked and unidentified in San Francisco’s changing urban landscape.

    After moving to the mid-Market neighborhood several years ago, Phillips embraced sketching as a way to connect with and learn about his local community. The young artist began approaching the men and women who lived within a 150 foot radius of his apartment, learning their names and listening to their stories. Accumulating a collection of photographs for reference material, Phillips set about meticulously rendering the portraits of his neighbors with staggering realism. Employing a classical manner of composition, each figure is isolated center stage upon the page. Phillips’ attention to detail within each drawing carefully navigates the viewer’s attention from the intricacies of lines in a face to the subtle shift of weight within a stance.

    …Phillips elaborates on the nature of his portraiture: “I pursue ways to peel back the protective veils that we display to outside world, striving to capture the un-invented spontaneity of experience. Central to this search is a focus on the significance of narrative in human existence. Our lives are not linear, with one instant leading solely into the next, but rather circular, with each experience formed and defined by others. A portrait functions in the same manner, teasing out emotions and truths that inform not only the particular instant captured, but more importantly the story leading up to it.”

    For I Am Another Yourself, Phillips has expanded upon the final forms of his drawings, which range greatly in scale from the monumentally larger-than-life to smaller more intimate portraits. Certain works use layered translucent velum paper and double-sided frames that play with the viewer’s span of focus, shifting their perspectives between various details within the same portrait. Each component of the show serves as a window to the narratives of those depicted.”

  3. A very big thank you to all our friends and fans who came out earlier this month for the opening night reception of Joel Daniel Phillips’ debut solo show, “I Am Another Yourself.”

    The exhibit will be on view until September 27th at Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco CA.

    Learn more about the exhibit on our website here, or view photos from our opening night reception here.

  4. Here is a time lapse of Joel completing his life size drawing “Lucky” from start to finish. 

    You can view “Lucky” along with the rest of Joel’s new solo show, “I Am Another Yourself”, at Hashimoto Contemporary this month. 

    Video courtesy of Mark Semegen.

    (Source: hashimotocontemporary)

  5. Gallery artist Crystal Wagner will be speaking at the University of Hartford’s Joseloff Gallery on September 17th in conjunction with their amazing looking cut paper show. Learn more here: http://www.joseloffgallery.org/news/artist-lecture-crystal-wagner/

  6. spokeart:

    Gallery artist Crystal Wagner hard at work on her cut paper installation at the UICA in Grand Rapids for Art Prize

  7. Joel Daniel Phillips - “Kent”, “Gypsy” and “Preston”

    charcoal and graphite on paper.

    Part of Joel’s solo show, “I Am Another Yourself”, currently on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.

  8. Gallery artist Crystal Wagner hard at work on her cut paper installation at the UICA in Grand Rapids for Art Prize

  9. supersonicart:

    Joel Daniel Phillips, “I Am Another Yourself.”

    Coming up this weekend - Saturday, September 6th - at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is Joel Daniel Phillips’s (Supersonic’s Studio Visit of him preparing for this show) first solo show, “I Am Another Yourself.”  Joel walks the streets of San Francisco finding interesting characters, listening to their life stories; often becoming friends with them.  After getting to know his subjects he photographs them and creates intimate life size drawings of his new friends to help shine a light on the unrecognized and unidentified individuals that make up the colorful landscape of San Francisco.

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  10. Please join us Saturday, September 6th for “I Am Another Yourself” - the debut solo show of Bay Area artist Joel Daniel Phillips. 

    Learn more or RSVP here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1467837893482303/